The brand values of your company are what make you unique, help you stand out and define your business. If you are a fresh fruit delivery company, who deliver your produce in 100% recyclable packaging. One of your brand values might be being eco-friendly. Or perhaps you are a small clothing boutique but you focus on creating a homely welcoming shopping experience for customers. You might have a reading area where you offer tea and biscuits while people wait. So your brand values might include being warm, welcoming or homely.

But how do you find your brand values? Well, what does your company do differently? What do people think of when they think of your brand? Or perhaps what do you want people to think? Try to think past the surface buzzwords like professional, polite and friendly and find the values that truly define you as a business, the values that are at the ‘core’ of your brand.

Whether consciously or subconsciously we all choose brands that we have an affinity with. We relate to their values and ultimately choose them.


What do I do with them?

Now that you are clear on your brand values, you need to make them clear to your consumers. When marketing your business you are going to want to make a lasting impression and you don’t have much time to do it in. If your adverts don’t highlight your brand values then people are far less likely to remember you.

Instead, ensure that your values are at the forefront of your marketing efforts. Take one of the examples we used earlier. The eco-friendly fruit delivery service. When approaching their marketing they would encourage people to look after the planet with their green service. There are hundreds of ways for them to drive these values through their marketing. They could show off their eco credentials, they could encourage their customers to recycle, they could even leverage their stockists to improve their eco-friendliness. 

There’s plenty of opportunities to communicate your core brand values to your audience. Tone of voice should be high up on your list. The language you use when interacting with your consumers, the personality you bring to the brand and the discussions you choose to engage in online. These elements build up your brand voice. The voice that you choose to speak for your brand will influence the purchase decisions of your audience.

Next, think about your brand visuals and ensure that they align with your values. If your company values friendliness, community and talk with a friendly bubbly tone of voice. Then harsh visuals using dark, contrasting colours is going to appear off brand and confuse your brand message. Instead, use soft bright colours that help paint a friendly welcoming atmosphere.

Finally, use your content to tell your audience about the things that are important to you. Back to the eco-friendly fruit delivery service. They should tell their audience why it’s important to make green choices. Tell their audience what they do to look after the planet. People who resonate with these values will use, talk about and promote their service.


Sign off

Your brand values are a crucial part of your brand. They help your consumers identify and remember you and they give you and your brand depth. Using your values at the forefront of your marketing will help you build a consumer base of loyal repeat customers who will want to talk about your brand. If you need help identifying and promoting your companies core values, get in touch with us at Squeak!