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Our corporate video services help you:

  • Get more traffic
  • Reinforce your message
  • Build brand awareness
  • Explain yourselves better
Squeak corporate video
Corporate video services at Squeak
Filming video at Squeak
The benefits of video:

  • Highlight your organisation’s offering and attract new business.
  • To broadcast your marketing message effectively.
  • To create engaging content for social media.
  • For an interesting and captivating way of training your staff.
  • To educate your audience and inform them.
  • To cover your events and use them for future promotion.
  • And much more…

Our primary focus for any brand is to increase enquiries and generate more sales. Our video services help you to do that.

Well produced video will engage your audience more effectively than any other format.


Do we need to know what we want?

Not at all. Tell us your objective and we can come up with the creative, the script, the storyboarding and the final video.

How much does it cost?

Typical projects cost between £1500 and £10000.

We understand that we need to fit your marketing budget. We’ll give you an upfront cost to meet your requirements.

Can you use stock footage or footage shot by other companies?

Yes, we can edit together any footage and/or sound that you have permissions for.

What is the process?

We will arrange a pre-production meeting to discuss your objectives and requirements. Following that meeting, we’ll provide a full proposal. Upon agreement of the proposal we’ll get to work:

  • Scripting and storyboarding
  • Production (the filming)
  • Post-production (the editing)
  • Mastering (formatting the file types)
  • Delivery

Who is your video service for?

Our video services are perfect for businesses looking to create captivating content for their online audience.

Our videos can help improve brand awareness, website SEO, customer engagement, social media presence and stand your business out ahead of the competition.

Who is your video service for?

All videos are generally provided in MP4 format. However, the original production files are stored on file and can be provided in alternative formats or re-edited in future.

Can you help with subtitling?

Yes, all of our videos can be provided with the relevant and timed subtitle files, suitable for use on YouTube and Facebook.

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