When it comes to online content, video is what everyone is talking about. Generating higher engagement, views and stronger message retention, it regularly outperforms the other formats available on social media.


How big is online video?

For marketing, video is no new concept. Television advertising has been a ‘Goliath’ for many decades. Billions of pounds are spent every year producing video-based advertisement, but TV is no longer the only home for video.

500 million hours of video content are watched every day on YouTube, they have over 1 billion users and 300 hours of content are uploaded every minute. If you wanted to watch every video on YouTube, every minute you spent watching, you would get further away from your goal. It is thought that by 2025, 50% of viewers under 35 will not subscribe to a paid TV service*.

And it doesn’t just stop with YouTube. Recently Facebook have been pushing video content on their platform with video on Facebook generating more engagement than more conventional image or text-based content.


What video content can do for you

So what can video content do for you? In the world of social media, content that generates engagement is more important than ever. Nothing generates engagement like video. Creating a short video for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Youtube Channel doesnt have to be hard. As well as organic content, video can seriously boost your paid social strategies.


How to utilize video

If you have chosen to start creating your video content, there are a number of things to consider. First off if you’re going to be making content for a variety of platforms, it is important to understand the differences between those platforms. On Facebook, 85% of views are without sound. This is because the sound is muted on videos by default and users must unmute content to hear the audio. That is why it is important to create video with strong visuals that can communicate their message without sound. 60% of YouTube views are on mobile, so make sure that you optimize your content so that it is appropriate for mobile. Instagram Stories & Snapchat both have much shorter time restrictions. Instagram’s IGTV platform will allow you to upload longer form video but restricts you to vertical format.

No matter where you are uploading, quality is key. You might see poor quality content on social media but professional content should look as good as possible. People often assume the quality just comes down to buying an expensive camera, but this is not the case. Having a good, consistent camera is useful but the lighting, scripting and editing are just as important. Your audience will notice the quality of your content and their reaction to that will reflect on your business as a whole. So make the best content that you can.

Video can be an excellent opportunity to show off your company’s personality, showcase your staff and advertise your expertise.


Website video

Video can also be very beneficial for your website. Linking to a landing page that includes video has been observed to greatly increase conversions. Using video throughout your site can lower bounce rates and can be an excellent tool for getting information across to visitors.



If you’re looking to get the most out of your social media and website, video content should be a crucial part of your content plan. Engage with your audiences, drive traffic to your site and boost conversion with professional, high-quality video content.

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*Forester’s Consumer Technographics Online Benchmark Survey