Our predictions for graphic design trends in 2019

by | Dec 12, 2018

What does 2019 hold for graphic design? We’re seeing designers take various directions, even within our own team there is more variety than ever. With political uncertainty comes great expression. 2018 has proven to be a great year for design and we suspect 2019 will be no different.

Here are some of our predictions for graphic design in 2019.

Experimental typography

Strong typographic focal points have come back in to trend in the latter part of 2018. We’d expect more experimental typography to take off (again) in 2019. Think letterpress, punk styles and throw backs to the distressed hand form typography of the late 80s. Bold, experimental typefaces that might not be the easiest to read, but certainly get their message across will be back with a bang.


If 2018 was the year of geometry, the return of the gradient and bright colours then expect 2019 to use harsh contrasts, negative space, light and dark palettes and alternative views. Many people change their apps to “night mode” or “dark mode” on their phone. Expect this aesthetic to spread in to mainstream media, advertising and more.


Our clients regularly talk to us about stale, clinical stock photography. If only there were a source of warmer, more genuine imagery. Well it seems the stock libraries have listened. A lot more professional imagery is appearing with that personal feel. Images taken with phones, mirrorless cameras and compacts that have the composition of a professional effort, but without the harsh lighting and sometimes faux feel.


Floating elements

Now designers and developers are getting to grips with experimenting with the possibilities of responsive design, less linear designs will come to the fore. As phones become more powerful and phone signal improves expect to see floating elements within many new web designs. On top of the common parallax and rollover effects currently seen, anti-gravity effects that move with the behaviour of the user will become more and more prevalent in 2019.


Vivid colours schemes involving gradients and transitions (akin to scenes from Dumbo or Winnie the Pooh) will continue to be fashionable in 2019. Mesmerising, out-of-this-world designs that catch the eye and remove the viewer from reality will be a common theme in many campaigns from major brands. Think all of the above combined with a hint of 80s to create powerful, expressive graphics.

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