What is your employer brand and how can you use it to attract and retain talent?

Employer branding is a part of your business’s overall branding. It is your brand’s identity in the recruitment market, the perception of your brand as an employer. How do people who operate in your industry feel about your brand? And would they want to work for you?

Just as with the rest of your branding efforts, careful planning and strategy can ensure that your employer branding is helping you stand out to potential talent demonstrating just what a great place your business is to work.

Think about what people in your industry want from their employers. Talent in different industries will be looking for different things. Focus on what your company offers, what you do differently and what makes you such a great employer. 



Let’s start with the obvious first. Being seen as a company that provides plenty of opportunity for career growth and progression will be attractive in most industries. Offering training to your staff so that they can develop their skills and even work towards qualifications is a great way to achieve this.

Clear career progression pathways can also be appealing for your current and prospective staff. These paths provided people with strong targets and goals that they can work towards. This also provides them with some idea of what they might be doing in the future.

This will also provide your business with skilful workers and a culture of progression.



What benefits do you offer your staff?

Outside of the workday, what do you offer your staff to improve their lives? Gym membership, sports and exercise incentives, healthcare, good pension schemes. These are all things that people consider when looking for a place to work. Not to mention that investing in your staffs quality of life can seriously boost morale and improve work ethic in the office.


Atmosphere and social culture

Are your current staff happy? Do you welcome fun in your office? Games, competitions, outings and events are all great ways to make your office a more fun and engaging place to work. Why not make your break area a place that people enjoy being.

As well as office fun and excitement, you could provide your staff with space to relax and unwind. Reading spaces and quiet work dens are a fun and low-cost way to create a quiet space to recharge and get away from their screens.



What is your workspace like? Designing a workspace that is a nice place to be will attract people too. There are so many elements to your spaces that you could consider when designing your spaces at work. Lighting options, including level and tone of light, plants and green spaces, wall art, games and activities. These are all things that prospective staff might be attracted to when looking for work.


Staff retention

Consider your staff retention. If you are seen to turn over staff quickly and regularly people are going to think that you aren’t great to work for. There must be a reason that people aren’t staying with you and is it worth them going through all the effort of the interview process if they will just end up leaving within a few months.



Finally and most importantly, none of this will make any difference to your employer branding if you don’t do it in a visible way. Show off your success stories, post videos and images shot in your cool workspaces, talk about the highlights of your staff outings and events. Use your social media to share with people what it is like to work for you.

Potential employees (and customers) want to see what it is like to work for you, you just need to find ways to show them.


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