Are you leveraging the power of on brand video?

Your online content paints a picture of your business. At the moment, video content is hotter than ever. Video offers businesses a chance to really sell their brand message and personality in a format that encourages audience engagement and boosts message retention!

There are lots of ways that your brand could start incorporating video into your content plan. A great way to start with video is to begin producing a regular vlog. A vlog is typically a single camera video that features one person talking directly to the viewer. This helps the audience become familiar with the face of your business and allows them to start building a relationship with the brand.



If you have decided that video is for you, the first thing you are going to need is a plan. There are no hard set rules. However, video for social media should be as short, concise and high quality as possible. Long form does have its place, but a short snappy video generally outperforms longer more in-depth content.

Decide what you want to say! There are plenty of options when it comes to scripting. To find what works best for you, experiment! Some people prefer bullet point talking points. Others prefer a full script either prompted to them off camera or written in full. For our Brand Boost series, we use an interview question format. Our on-camera personality is asked questions from off camera, which they then answer, discuss and expand on. This can be an excellent technique to help your personality seem more confident and natural on camera. Having someone who comes across naturally on camera will help your audience relate to the content.

Make sure that the content that you are presenting to your audience is relevant to your business and valuable to your followers.



The equipment that you use and how you use it will be one of the biggest contributing factors to the overall quality of your project. Having the latest, most expensive camera alone won’t cut it. There are a few key elements to your setup that you need to consider.



The lighting to your video is arguably as, if not more important than the camera itself. Adding even basic lighting to your kit will make your projects seem ten times more professional.



If you want people to enjoy listening to what you have to say, consider the audio quality of your video. Using a poor quality microphone will be noticeable. Perhaps a top end microphone isn’t an option for you. However, there are plenty of great mid range mics that can produce great quality recordings. There are also a few tricks you can do in post-production to tidy up a messy recording. Adding quiet background music can mask unwanted hisses and hums on your audio track. Or if you are more technically confident you could try adding a light noise gate.


Shooting and editing

When shooting, where possible use a tripod as shaky camera work will make your video look lower budget and less professional. Good framing is a crucial element of good video. Make sure that the shot is straight and ensure that there isn’t too much redundant space. It might sound obvious, but make sure that the on-camera person is in the centre of the shot.



As well as all this you should take some time to consider the design of your set. It doesn’t have to be flashy! But a well thought out set is another cheap way to make your video look more professional. Keep it on brand by considering what is visible on camera. What colours fill the frame? What is on the walls? How is the person on camera dressed?



There is plenty of choice out there when it comes to editing software, some of which are quite expensive. Fortunately, for most projects, there are cheap options too that should provide you with everything you need to piece together a simple video.


Video can be an excellent choice for a brand. It can help you connect with your consumers and allow you to communicate and promote your brand message. Keep it on brand, make it look as good as possible as the quality of your online content reflects on your business as a whole.

If you have any questions about video production or if you need help producing a video for your business, get in touch with us at Squeak. We would love to help!