How consistent branding can make the difference for your business.

Does your brand do your business justice? A good and consistent brand will help your company appear professional, approachable and help you stand out from the crowd. An inconsistent strategy, however, could hold you back and set you behind your competitors.

Brand consistency can benefit

  • Trust
  • Memorability
  • Approachability
  • Internal direction


Make a plan

Creating a strong, holistic brand strategy is the first step. So, what do you need to consider? A brand strategy should be as broad as a general brand personality description and as in-depth as document formatting, fonts and colour instructions. Consider any possible placements that your logo may appear. Have a plan for how it should be used. This can apply to internal documents, social media posts, flyers and banners, company vehicles or building window decals. If there is somewhere you expect your brand to appear, you should have a plan for how it should be used.

Once you have a plan, it is important to distribute it throughout your business so that your employees are aware of how to format their documents, posts and publications. This document should serve as a tool for your staff to build a strong and consistent understanding of what your brand is.


Brand Personality

In addition to your brand visuals, you should consider your brand personality. How does your brand interact with its online audience, clients and other brands? Having a consistent brand personality in the business world is just as important as consistent aesthetics. Done correctly it can further improve brand trust and approachability. Your customers and audience will know exactly what to expect every time they interact with you, which will help you develop relationships with your consumers and build favourability.

You can outline the vocabulary that fits your brand best, words to avoid and words to include. Maybe consider using humour in social media posts to build an approachable personality. You may think that humour doesn’t belong anywhere near a professional brand but keep in mind that many big brands such as Tesco, Target and Sainsbury’s use humour when interacting with their audience. Now not every interaction and post will be a chance to show off your flawless wit, but from time to time, in the perfect situation, it can really personalise an interaction and make it memorable for all involved.



What does consistent branding look like? Look at your favourite big brand, brands like Coca-Cola, Vans, and Apple. These brands utilise a consistent aesthetic and personality across all of their online and offline platforms and placements and throughout every consumer interaction. Doing this has helped them build the memorable and popular brands that we all know so well. Without going anywhere near any of their sites or pages, it is likely that you can recall what they look like and possibly even how they behave online.


Sign off

Consistency across branding can make your business stand out to your desired consumers. Appearing professional, approachable and memorable from every interaction whether it is on or offline. If you’d like to get the most from your brand or discuss the next step for your brand, get in touch.