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Are you leveraging video in your social media?

When it comes to online content, video is what everyone is talking about. Generating higher engagement, views and stronger message retention, it regularly outperforms the other formats available on social media.

Get your business out there

Are your marketing efforts driving more enquiries to your business? Check out how we helped a client add thousands of pounds of profit to their monthly income.

Pro Tips: Building Facebook Ads

Advertising with Facebook should be an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. It can boost awareness, conversions and website traffic and more…

Brand Boost – Our FREE Online Brand Community

We’re delighted to have launched Squeak’s Brand Boost. Our all-new, completely free, online community for business owners, marketing managers and anyone with an expertise or interest in branding. 

Getting Hootsuite Social Marketing Certified

Keeping in the know is a very important part of advertising online! The Hootsuite Social Marketing exam is just one of the many resources we use at Squeak to ensure that we are as well informed as we can be! Read about Fergus’ thoughts on the exam…

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