Are you running a vlog to promote your expertise?

Brand Boost is our way of sharing knowledge, ideas and tips. It lets us engage with our audience on a weekly basis.

In this week’s blog we’re going behind the scenes of Brand Boost. We’ll explain how we put together our community vlog and the benefits a vlog could have for your business.

Getting Started

We started producing the show in June 2018 with a goal to create the first three episodes. These were to be launched on our free Facebook community. The first three episodes were about brand consistency, how to make a brand stand out and managing your brand effectively. It is a great way for us to keep in touch with our audience, show our expertise and discuss current branding topics.

Our first step was to plan the outline for each episode. We decided on a rough episode length with the aim to keep it short and sweet. Then we considered how the vlog would look.

We settled on a single camera setup. For our lighting, we used three over-head LED panel lights. At first, the audio was recorded with an external shotgun mic mounted to the camera.

Finally, we had to come up with a scripting format that suited our company director, Joel. A few options were trialled, including word-for-word scripting and bullet point scripting. We settled upon a method where Joel was asked questions from behind the camera and then he would discuss the points. This method allowed Joel to talk confidently and come across comfortably on camera, without hesitation or long pauses.


We needed to build a template for all future episodes. It was vital our blog was always consistent and on brand. We built in an intro, a sting, logo watermark and backing music. Having a consistent structure for the vlog was an important part of creating the vlogs identity and allowing us the control and structure to feel confident moving forward.

Our question-based interview format also makes the edit easier. The answers come in the order you would expect and so long as the interviewee starts their answer with the question, everything knits together.

Review & Improve

Following production of the first three episodes, we reviewed the process and results in depth. This is an approach we take to every process at Squeak. What worked well? Where were the flaws? What could we improve?

Some of the improvements we have made since the initial three episodes are:

  • Increased the warmth of the lighting
  • Tidied up the camera framing
  • Dressed up the set
  • Changed the background music to fit the personality of the vlog
  • Switched to a more complete audio setup including stereo mics
  • Brought changes of clothes for filming multiple episodes
  • Change of camera

Squeaks Brand Boost vlog is currently on its fifteenth episode (thirteen live).

Why should you vlog?

We’ve found vlogging to be a great way to connect with our audience. It reinforces our expertise whilst allowing us to share useful content and advice to people who genuinely benefit from it.

Brand Boost has been a great way to position the Squeak brand. It has proven to be a talking point, the start of some great debates, a good marketing tool and also a fun and captivating way for our team to produce content.

If you would like to find out more about creating online video or need help starting your first vlog series, get in touch with us at Squeak.